Building Chronicles®

The Business Building Chronicles® (BBC) is a step-by-step home study and online video program developed based on years running and operating several businesses, including multiple childcare centers, beauty and retail companies.

This program is for people who…

  • Feel overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff" they need to do to start, run or operate their business.
  • Feel “stuck" and don’t know where or how to get things going.
  • Want to learn from an expert to avoid making mistakes and wasting time and money.
  • Are stressed out and feeling overwhelmed with their business tasks and don’t know what to do to overcome their obstacles.
  • Never learned how to organize their business and set it up on the right foundation.
  • Are struggling with self doubt and procrastination on their business dreams which is now affecting their health, relationships, finances, and overall well-being.

What exactly is BBC?

The Business Building Chronicles® (BBC) is a step-by-step home study and online video program developed based on years running and operating several businesses, including multiple childcare centers, beauty and retail companies.

It includes everything you NEED to know, do, and understand to get yourself mentally and physically prepared to take the necessary steps to set up your business with the right foundation – so that you can finally have the business you’ve always wanted without stalling, waiting and remaining stuck year after year.

It’s all the step-by-step “secrets” successful business owners do when starting and running their companies.

Filled with 8 easy-to-follow chapter guides (200+ pages of detailed documentation of my entire process), 8 video demonstrations, a step-by-step action plan, printable/type-able checklists and planning sheets, a private Facebook community for staying motivated, and access to my searchable Knowledge Base where i upload answers to key business questions.

The Business Building Chronicles ® was designed to give you all of the tools you need to finally overcome your own, unique battle with setting up your business the right way.

Here’s Exactly What’s Included

When you sign-up for the Business Building Chronicles® you’ll receive an email as well as a package in the mail with your
Business Building Binder and a link to access your online account where you’ll have
lifetime access to the videos, training guides,
printables, and action plan.
With your lifetime access you’ll be able to reuse the program over and over again, whenever you like.
You’ll also receive lifetime updates to the program at no extra charge.

My Business Building Binder

8 training manuals (PDF provided too)

($300 Value)

  • Includes 200-pages of my exact step-by-step organizing process including my best tips & advice
  • Extremely easy-to-follow and filled with photos, charts, graphs, tables, & summarized key points
  • Walks you through my complete organizing process from getting started to maintaining
  • Modules are organized in a way that’s super easy-to-understand
  • Includes my complete detailed process fully documented for you to always have!

8 Video Demonstrations

($300 Value)

  • How to get started with setting up your business on the right foundation. In the videos we show you the exact steps to take revealing our detailed thought process along the way.
  • Follow along with the training guides or simply watch the videos to get all the key info.
  • These videos not available anywhere else!

Our Step-by-Step Action Plan

Printable BBC Checklists, Questionnaire and planning sheets

($75 Value)

  • Included in the program are my printable Business Management to-do lists (these are the ones we use everyday – not sold separately)
  • Business planning sheets (these will help you finally create your business plan)
  • Printable checklists (these are the trackers we use daily to stay organized!)
  • Included in the program is a 20-page step-by-step, easy-to-follow business plan that walks you through the entire process
  • Business building exercises to get all of the “thoughts” and “things-to-accomplish” out of your head and onto paper ready to accomplish
  • Just plug-in your answers and follow the plan. I make it super simple to fill-out and follow!
  • My complete list of start-up tasks to keep yourself and your home organized
    All printables come in fun colors and patterns.
  • All printables are undated which means you can print and use them forever!
  • All printables have type-able fields which means you can type into your action plans and checklists before printing!
  • I explain step-by-step on video how to use each printable chart/list/tracker

2 Months FREE Access to members community and knowledge center

Get 2 months FREE access!

($19.98 Value)

  • Access to the “Discussion” area hosted on our private Facebook group where all of our members can ask questions, share their logo concepts and branding samples, and also keep each other motivated and accountable for getting tasks done to complete the program and finally launch your business.
  • Monthly giveaways with products valued up to $100. All members can enter the giveaways (both US and International).
  • Members also get access to exclusive discounts from our trademark attorneys, web design, content creation, graphic design and branding partners.
  • Our private Facebook group is exclusive to Business Building Chronicles® members only and is not available to just anyone. This is strictly for members of the BBC program.
  • My searchable and categorized Knowledge Base of business planning and launch questions & answers.

NOTE: You can choose to continue your forum access after your 2 free months. We do automatically bill you unless you explicitly opt-out to discontinue your access.

NOTE: You get lifetime access to the program materials (i.e., videos, training modules, action plan, printables). The 2 months of free access to the Members Forum and Knowledge center is separate from your lifetime access to the program.

Includes 200-pages

You'll get my exact step-by-step organizing process including my best tips & advice

Extremely easy-to-follow

The course material is filled with photos, charts, graphs, tables, & summarized key points

The content is organized

That's why we made the program super easy-to-follow and understand

Lifetime Access

You'll get my complete business building process fully documented for you to always have

Here’s what I will SHOW you in this program

  • The key things you need to do before you start your business
  • The proper way to protect your business
  • How to file for your trademarks and secure your copyrights & intellectual property.
  • How to brand your business and the importance of a brand style guide.
  • How to get your website and marketing materials done.
  • Ideas and ways to get funding for your business
  • How to manage your day to day operations
  • How to document your systems and process into an operations manual.
  • How to set up budgets and manage the finances in your business.
  • How to hire the right staff into your business
  • Ideas for growing your company and keeping your business on track.

Most Trusted Business Program

The cost of not signing up may be more than you think! If you don’t take action now and continue the way things are, what will it cost you? Now, I’m not sure what you’re personally struggling with when it comes to launching your business, but when you join, you’ll receive follow-up emails from me with tips for getting the most out of the program (I check in with you every few days or so). You’ll also receive my detailed emails with member Q&A. Members have told me they love this email because it keeps us in touch, on track, and connected. Plus, we have excellent customer support, which means if you have any issues, just contact us and we’ll help you as fast as we can.

Super cute binder

"You'll enjoy working through this program with all its beautiful designs and bright colors."

Easy To Follow

"I’ve always found that when the material is easy to browse, I’m more likely to actually follow it, understand it, and apply it."

Everything in one place

"I love the fact that I don't need to search google and that everything I need is all in one place thanks to my BBC binder."

Interactive & convenient

"I love watching the videos on lazy days when I don't feel like reading the guide book."

The BBC curriculum

We’ll talk about many aspects of launching a business including legalization, taxation, trademarks
and copyrights, setting a budget, branding, operations and how to
position yourself in the market so that you can earn the highest income
value from your business.



Starting a business is a big risk, however the rewards far outweigh any issues you may face along the way. I am sure you have wondered why some businesses succeed and why others fail. The short answer is that running a business is tough, but in order to increase your chances of doing it successfully, you will need to create a solid business plan.



Before your business can have any hope of becoming a legend (or even just profitable), you need to find a way to finance its birth. Finding the right funding options for your business starts with understanding what’s available to you.



Properly managing the money in your business will help you succeed in the long run. But in order to properly operate and grow your business, you must have a positive flow of cash coming in and going out. Setting up your budgets and managing your business finances is crucial to operating and growing your brand.



Deciding what tasks to outsource and what to hire an employee for may come down to whether the work lies within your business’s main areas of strength and whether that function is needed on a regular basis. But before bringing just anyone on board, you need to understand that extra manpower entails a whole new string of legal obligations, liabilities, expenses and, of course, paperwork.



You can lose your entire business simply because you didn’t properly file your trademarks or secure your domain names and social media pages. This chapter will show you how to secure your intellectual property trademarks & copyrights.



Building your brand is a crucial part of developing your business and requires that you set the right tone and foundation for your public image. Before you start marketing your business, you will first need to create the right brand identity and image; as well as communicate the values and voice of your company to the right consumers.



Running the daily operations in your business is crucial and can determine whether or not your company stays open or falls flat on its face. Operational efficiency is the single most important factor that helps businesses impress their customers and remain competitive.



It's one thing to set-up your business, and it’s another to keep it growing and on track to success. To experience the consistent and massive growth you’re hoping for in the coming years, you should make sure your business is organized and that you consistently execute according to your business plan and goals so that you can keep your business growing and on track.

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    The Business Building Chronicles ® was designed to give you all of the tools you need to finally
    overcome your own, unique battle with setting up your business the right way.

    I was able to speak with Ms. Moore about starting a childcare business in the state of Texas, she was very helpful and nice. She told me exactly what I need to do to get started and I really appreciate.

    Jessica Wright

    If your looking for assistance in any way for your childcare Business, Natalie is totally the best. Absolutely awesome service, training and sometimes just encouragement. I hope if you need anything you giver her a shout out, you will not regret it. Thanks for everything!

    Diane Yevonne Nichols

    I reach out to Natalie and she was able to give me some great tips on how to start my Day Care business she didn't rush me off the phone she gave me tips and explained alot just know I will be contacting you one I get this married and ready to start

    Yolanda Rivera

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